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Free bike pickup of leftover bicycles

Do you have bicycles waiting to be disposed of? Here's how it works:

Fill out the contact form.

  • We'll contact you to schedule a pickup time.

  • We collect the bicycles.

  • We recycle them responsibly.

PS: We donate 10 SEK per adult bike to Stadsmissionen

Boka Gratishämtning

Book pickup of abandoned bikes

How does bike pickup work?

Simple and convenient. We simply agree on a time for us to pick up the bikes from you. Before we collect the confiscated bicycles, it's important that they have been stored for preferably six months, but at least three, so that individuals who have missed your bike clearance have had sufficient time to reclaim their bikes before they are recycled

Free pickup of bikes - Stockholm
Recycle bikes how do we do it

What happens to the bicycles?

Läs mer Gratis Cykelhämtning

Do you have issues with abandoned bicycles?

We assist you with the following services:

  • Free pickup of confiscated bicycles

  • Complete management of abandoned bicycles

28 320 SEK

So far, donated to Stadsmissionen in 2023

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