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Visit our store for used bicycles in Hälleforsnäs.

At our large bike workshop in Hälleforsnäs, we primarily repair and service bikes that can be reused. We also offer sales of refurbished used bikes, and for the handy individual, we provide the option to purchase "do-it-yourself bikes", meaning you can buy a bike with repair needs at a low cost.

We also welcome customers who wish for us to repair or service their bikes.

Typically, we have staff in the workshop every weekday between 09:00-15:00. If you're coming from afar, contact Tonny at 073-828 14 01 to check if we're available.


Gjutmästarbacken 1, 648 31 Hälleforsnäs

Store hours

Monday - Friday

09:00 – 15:00

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