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Here in our online store, we have a range of used refurbished bikes. Serviced bikes are sold with a 3-month warranty. We also have a selection of unserviced vintage bikes, vintage bikes, exclusive bikes, and some other unique bikes.

Our stores have a larger selection of bikes if you can't find what you're looking for here.

The webshop includes Men's Bikes, Women's Bikes, Youth Bikes, Children's Bikes, Vintage Road Bikes, Vintage MTB, Vintage Children's Bikes, Veteran Women's, Veteran Men's, Military Bikes, Single Speed / Fixie Bikes, BMX Military Bikes, Bike Trailers, Wheels, Bike Parts, Cargo Bikes, Child Seats, Other Bikes, Rollators, Gift Cards, and Other.

Used racer bicycle
Rollator, wheel frame
Used bicycle shop Stockholm Södermalm
Gift cards
Bicycle gift card Stockholm

All bicycles in the webshop

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