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Used Children's Bikes 12 inch-20 inch

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Here you'll find a selection of our used children's bikes in the webshop. To find a bike that fits your child, you can use the following guidelines:

  • For ages 3-4 years and height 90-105 cm: 12 inches

  • For ages 4-5 years and height 95-105 cm: 14 inches

  • For ages 4-6 years and height 105-115 cm: 16 inches

  • For ages 6-8 years and height 115-125 cm: 20 inches

All children's bikes are serviced, and we offer a 3-month warranty. We also have a range of used children's bikes in our stores in Stockholm Södermalm and Hälleforsnäs.

If you can't find the bike you're looking for here, feel free to visit the stores or contact us.

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